हिंदी माध्यम में वर्तमान बैच -भूगोल द्वारा प्रमोद शर्मा.      आर्थिक सर्वेक्षण पर विशेषीकृत बैच -द्वारा मनोज सर (25 साल के अनुभव के साथ ) कक्षा प्रारंभ -20 February, 2017.      नया बैच सामान्य विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी से प्रारंभ -दिनांक 1 मार्च .      लेटेस्ट अपलोड के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें (जल्द ही एक्टिवेटिड होगा ).     

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Stepup IAS Classroom Programme

StepUp IAS Two Way Approach of Civil Services Exam Preparation

StepUp IAS Classroom Programme: A Revolt against Traditional Coaching Methodolgy

If you live in an area like Mukherjee nagar and Rajendra nagar in Delhi, you will find many students who have completed their coaching in 2011 even from a very renowned coaching but they have lost their 4 attempts without any success. But on the other hand almost 10 % students who get selection finally got a rank in their first attempt. Now some will contend that these 10 % students are genius. Is it really true? No, not at all. They people got a rank just because they did not commit any mistake in this attempt and adopted the right process.

Now here two question arise

  1. Why do students commit mistakes again & again? And
  2. What is the right process?

The answer of the first question can be answered by knowing the problem with the present coaching institutes and their teaching methodology. We will find two main problem with present coaching classes-:

Problem 1. Almost every institute adopts only one strategy that their only duty is to finish the syllabus, rest is in the hands of the students. If it’s true that only by finishing the syllabus a student gets selection then what about those who have finished their syllabus 3-4 times and written mains exam 2 times but not got selection for many years.

Problem 2. In coaching institutes every faculty comes and finish the syllabus of their respective subjects in 25-40 days and leave the students alone after that. Now if students have some doubts after the class, where will they go to clear these doubts? Everybody knows that answer writing skill is the most important part of the preparation. Therefore If a civil services aspirant write an answer, who will check their answers? Now they go to their friends to solve their issues. But are their friends specialist ? Are these students really under the guidance of any specialist ? No, not at all and therefore the chances of committing mistakes increases.

If we see the background of those students who clear in their first attempt, we will find that even if these students do coaching or not, they are under the guidance of an experienced person. A new aspirant is only interested in knowing what books a selected person read, Which coaching they attended? But If Tina Dhabi, the topper of 2015 exam got selection in the very first attempt, do you think it is because of any coaching classes where a teacher leave you after 25 days. If Artika Shukla, the 4th rank in 2015 exam got selection in the very first attempt, do you think it’s because of traditional method of finishing the syllabus only. Now everybody knows Artika Shukla didn’t attend any institute for finishing the syllabus. I request you aspirants to open your eyes and see that if Tina Dhabi got selection in her first attempt, it was because of her mother’s dedicated planning, effort and guidance and If Artika Shukla got selection in the very first attempt, it was because of her brother’s incessant guidance and supervision. His brother was already selected in civil services exam.

Yes, It’s true that finishing the syllabus efficiently is a necessity but guidance and supervision during entire preparation are unavoidable truths. At StepUp IAS these two points are kept in mind. We do have classroom programme but we know the loopholes of this and therefore we appoint coaches for our students who not only clear the doubts of the students but also sharpen their writing skills, help in preparing strategy and supervise their track during their preparation for civil services exam.


  1. Mr. Ajay Kumar Mishra (Internal Security)
  2. Mr. S.K. Pandey (History: Hindi Medium)
  3. Mr. Pramod Sharma (Geography : Both Medium)
  4. Mr. Shiwang Sir (Modern India: English Medium)
  5. Mr. R.P. Singh (Polity & Ethics : English Medium)
  6. Mr. Anupam Rai (Polity & Art –Culture : Both Medium)
  7. Mr. Manoj Kumar (Economics : Hindi Medium)
  8. Mr. Abhas Sir (Economics : English Medium)
  9. Mr. Manish Singh ( Ethics : Hindi Medium)
  10. Mr. Salim Sir (Science & Tech : Both Medium)
  11. Neeraj Sir (World History)
  12. Jitendra Ji ( Environment)
  13. Moetra Ji (Comprehension)
  14. Dharmendra ji ( Maths)


StepUp IAS provides following types of notes

  1. Basic Notes which are static and are provided to students to understand the basic concepts.
  2. Advanced notes, which are ever evolving according to civil services demand.
  3. Special PT and Mains smasher notes-These notes are given by coaches to make you qualify your exam.

Class Test

It is the responsibility of every faculty to conduct tests in the class. It will be in the form of daily answer writing as well as weekly tests.

StepUp IAS students are also allowed to join separate test series which include 20 separate test papers.We also provide practice papers for both pre and mains.

Daily Current Affairs

Everyday there is a discussion on “The Hindu” Newspaper by Specialist together with answer writing session and Personal Guidance.

Class Duration - Year Plan

Topic Hours Faculty
UPSC syllabus :an overview & explanation 3 Ajay Mishra & Jitendra Singh
Strategy for the year 3 Ajay Mishra & Jitendra Singh
Indian Geography 40 hours Pramod Sharma / Ajay Mishra
General geography 46 hours Pramod Sharma / Ajay Mishra
World Geography 16 hours Pramod Sharma
Disaster Management 9 hours Pramod Sharma
Special Answer Writing 9 hours Answer writing Specialist
Indian Polity-I 40 hours Anupam Sir / J.C Chaurasia
Indian Polity-II 44 hours Anupam Sir / J.C Chaurasia
Indian Polity with current Affairs 20 hours Ajay Mishra
Social Justice 15 hours Visiting Faculty
Internal Security 22 hours Ajay Mishra
Special Answer writing in Polity 9 hours Answer writing Specialist
Essay 22 hours Ajit Kumar Sahu
Modern Indian History S.K.pandey / Shivang Sir
History of the world 28 hours S.K pandey / Niraj Singh
Post Independence History 16 hours S.K. Pandey / Niraj Singh
Indian Society 22 hours S.K. pandey / Anupam Sir
Special answer writing in history 9 hours Answer writing session
Indian Economy-I 34 hours Manish Singh / Manoj Ji
Indian Economy-II 26 hours Manish Singh / Manoj Ji
Budget & Economic Survey 12 hours Manish Singh
Special answer writing in Economics 9 hours Answer writing specialist
Art & culture 30 hours S.K Pandey / Anupam sir
General Science (PHY + Chemistry) 12 hours Dr. Salim
General Science (Biology) 18 hours Dr. Salim
Science & Teach 32 hours Dr. Salim
Ethics & Integrity 74 hours Sweta Satyam
Special answer writing in ethics 9 test Answer writing specialist
Current affairs 42 test Specialist
Objective Test(Topic wise) 16 test From each Section
Objective test 9 test From each Section
Mains Test(Subjective) 12 test From each Section

Classroom Strength

We have separate batches for both Hindi and English medium. Every batch include maximum 35 students.

Every batch has 2 coaches for personal guidance besides faculties who take classes regularly.

Monthly Magazine

We have also started to provide our Own Monthly Magazine for Current Affairs since December 2016.


All the coaches either have faced Interview or are selected in Civil Services Exam

  • Mr. Ajay Kumar Mishra (English Medium)
  • Mr. S.K. Pandey (Hindi Medium)
  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (Hindi Medium)
  • Mr. Jitender Kumar (English Medium)
  • Mr. Ajeet Kumar Sahu (Selected Candidate) (English Medium)
  • Umashankar Barnwal (Selected Candidate - Cleared Civil services Exam Thrice, posted as Joint Commissioner Ahmedabad) (Hindi Medium)

Doubt Clearance sessions

This is one of the most important stage during preparation because in classroom programme many students do not have major doubts but when they start revising after the class and read other material and books, many doubts arise which must be solved to make studies efficient. At StepUp IAS a coach under which you take guidance will try to solve all your doubts and if he is not able to do, it will be his responsibility to manage another coach for doubt clearance. This facility keeps a student vibrant and energetic during preparation.

Helping in preparing sound Strategy of Preparation

Since civil services is the most lucrative services in India.It brings people from all streams into this field. Also those who have appeared in civil services mains after clearing preliminary test twice – thrice or faced interview, do not leave their preparation and meet you in next attempt.Now you may be a fresher but you will compete with a person who already faced interview. Now Will it be easy to beat them ? Here It must be noted that without beating them you cannot ensure you selection. This need a sound and powerful strategy. Now here at StepUpIAS it is the responsibility of two senior coaches to meet you and help you in preparing a powerful and efficient strategy for your preparation which you will update time to time with the help of these coaches.

Personal Answer writing

If you ask a person who already got a rank in civil services exam, he will tell you the importance of Answer writing skill. A personal answer writing skill trainer is a necessity for selection because the traditional coaching centre will provide you two things-

1. A hasty teacher who want to finish the syllabus and always have paucity of time.Also if you get a batch of 100 students or more the complete purpose of answer writing defeated. Now a student generally get two types of comment in his/her answers a.Good attempt b. You need more practice.

2. A test series where you go and write 20 answers in 3 hours. Here hardly a person get more than 8 minutes to write an answer. It is just like telling a person who have never touched computer keyboard to type 30 word per min.Test series is important but it’s the final step which a person must apply to enhance answer writing skill.

Now the question arises that by adopting the above two approaches can anybody beat a person who have been facing interview or is already an IPS but want to increase his/her rank. It’s just like a common swimmer trying to defeat an Olympic winner.

To defeat a person who has already got a rank or who is facing interview, You must have powerful and efficient answer writing which is never possible without personal answer writing sessions-

At StepUp IAS a Coach Helps you in-:

  1. Understanding the question and the intention of the examiner.
  2. Brainstorming and arranging the points
  3. Presenting it efficiently
  4. Teaching you Mark fetching techniques and creativity what a selected person apply to increase his/her rank
  5. Telling you the loopholes and suggesting measures to correct them.
  6. Discussion after every answers
  7. Ensuring when to go for the test series.

Super Vision

It is the most important step during the preparation of Civil Services Exam.If we talk about any person who got a rank in the very first attempt,he/she was definitely under the personal guidance of a person who was closely observing his/her move and strategy. If we talk about Tina Dhabi it was her mother and If we talk about Artika Shukla it was her brother who was supervising her.At StepUpIAS a coach does the same duty and supervise you during your preparation. He ensures that you should not commit mistakes during your preparation and get through in the very first Attempt

Role of Time management Diary

Now as we discussed that supervision is must during Civil Services Preparation,there must be some scientific tools. We at StepUp IAS created time management system for students.Here we provide two types of diaries

1.Time management diary – You have to fill this diary daily.Whatever you study at coaching or at home including newspaper, subject book etc, you have to mention in this. This helps a coach in tracking your activity related to your studies. By checking your last one month or two month preparation, a coach in association with you can decide your future strategy to beat your competitors. Future strategy cannot be decided efficiently without knowing your past strategy and time management diary proves to be a boon.

2.Course diary- It tells you the trends which is going on presently. It mention all the topics asked in the exam together with no. of times a topic appeared in mains exam in last 10 years. It also plans your revision and answer writing strategy at home. Its your syllabus diary which may not be shown to your coaches.

Personal Test

Traditional coaching classes do not ensure how you are studying at home and Study at home is one of the most important step during preparation. Now here at StepUp IAS we ensure that every student must retain what they study at home. For this a separate personal test is prepared for every student besides the class test. A student has to approach his/her coach and ensure the personal test on his/her time management diary. This ensures efficient preparation at home.

Fee Structure

English Medium

This include GS classroom fee and Personal guidance fee=Total-145000 (1.45 lakh)

हिंदी माध्यम

सामान्य अध्ययन + व्यक्तिगत मार्गदर्शन fee =10,00,00/-(1 lakh)

इतिहास (वैकल्पिक विषय) द्वारा एस.के.पाण्डेय सर – फीस 35000/-

Mains Test Series-

English Medium -30,000/-

Hindi Medium-21000/-


हिंदी माध्यम में वर्तमान बैच -भूगोल द्वारा प्रमोद शर्मा

नया बैच सामान्य विज्ञान एवं प्रौद्योगिकी से प्रारंभ -दिनांक 1 मार्च

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